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I am developing a facebook application with iFrame render method. So in order to display my name, I used serverfbml tags. This is my code:

 <fb:serverfbml style="width: 760px;"> 

     <script type="text/fbml"> 


      <fb:name uid='$user_id' useyou='false'></fb:name>




But The output is " Facebook User". Please explain me why I get this kind of output.

I did an echo of my $user_id, and it displays the id.

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The right way of coding that piece of FBML code is: <fb:name uid='<?php echo $user_id;?>' useyou='false'></fb:name> Only then the user id gets stored in uid and the corresponding name is displayed. Thanks to Peter Forss, I was able to understand that the app was not able to see the user. – Angeline Jul 20 '10 at 11:46
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According to the specification the default text to display if you can't see the user is Facebook User.

You can specify another text to display with the ifcantsee property like this:

<fb:name uid='$user_id' useyou='false' ifcantsee='Can not see this user'></fb:name>

The specification says:

Alternate text to display if the logged in user cannot access the user specified. To specify an empty string instead of the default, use ifcantsee="". Default value is Facebook User

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Ok,now I get, Can not see this user.Do I have to set any permissions? But I'm working from my id and trying to display my name. The User Id is diplayed properly. – Angeline Jul 20 '10 at 8:33
Now I tried giving in my User Id Directly to the <fb:name> code, and now I get my name displayed.. – Angeline Jul 20 '10 at 8:35

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