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I need a command to be executed as long as the left mouse button is being held down.

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Look at table 7-1 of the docs. There are events that specify motion while the button is pressed, <B1-Motion>, <B2-Motion> etc.

If you're not talking about a press-and-move event, then you can start doing your activity on <Button-1> and stop doing it when you receive <B1-Release>.

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What does the code for stopping an event look like? – rectangletangle Jul 20 '10 at 9:30
I would recommend keeping a variable like mouse_is_down and set it to True or False depending on whether or not you receive the press or release event. In your code, during the loop you can check to see if the variable is True, meaning the mouse is down, and do your thing for a button hold. When the variable is False, you can skip your code for mouse button holding. – Jesse Dhillon Jul 20 '10 at 9:36
Apparently now the link should be: – Victor Sergienko Aug 2 '13 at 14:32

If you want "something to happen" without any intervening events (ie: without the user moving the mouse or pressing any other buttons) your only choice is to poll. Set a flag when the button is pressed, unset it when released. While polling, check the flag and run your code if its set.

Here's something to illustrate the point:

import Tkinter

class App:
    def __init__(self, root):
        self.root = root
        self.mouse_pressed = False
        f = Tkinter.Frame(width=100, height=100, background="bisque")
        f.pack(padx=100, pady=100)
        f.bind("<ButtonPress-1>", self.OnMouseDown)
        f.bind("<ButtonRelease-1>", self.OnMouseUp)

    def do_work(self):
        x = self.root.winfo_pointerx()
        y = self.root.winfo_pointery()
        print "button is being pressed... %s/%s" % (x, y)

    def OnMouseDown(self, event):
        self.mouse_pressed = True

    def OnMouseUp(self, event):

    def poll(self):
        if self.mouse_pressed:
            self.after_id = self.root.after(250, self.poll)

app = App(root)

However, polling is generally not necessary in a GUI app. You probably only care about what happens while the mouse is pressed and is moving. In that case, instead of the poll function simply bind do_work to a <B1-Motion> event.

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Use the mouse move/motion events and check the modifier flags. The mouse buttons will show up there.

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