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I want to create a greasy monkey script , which will add a shortcut key for logout action in one mail site.

Currently the logout link "?logout&hl=en" which have an id=":r5". I am able to get the node for the link but not able to call click on it.

I tried the script as following

function key_event(event){
    //if(event.keyCode != 112) return;
    if(!e) {return;}
    var evObj = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');

document.addEventListener("keypress", key_event, true);

But this is not working . What do you think is wrong here ?

Thanks J

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This is either a bug or a security "feature" of Mozilla browsers (developers haven't decided). See: "simulating a click on an anchor using dispatchEvent and initMouseEvent does not trigger a real click".

So you can't trigger a link that way (for now).

If it is an ordinary link use:

var sTargetURL  = document.getElementById(':r5').href;
window.location.href = sTargetURL;

If it is a JavaScript call, EG <a id=":r5" href="SomeFunc()">foo</a> use:

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I do not think that you will be able to click a link from the script. You should try to redirect to the link location instead:

document.location.href = e.href;
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