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i tried to execute make file with nmake in dos-prompt and got the following message:

makefile.in(145) : fatal error U1034: syntax error : separator missing

i took a look into the make file and the line 145 says:


i have absolutely no clue how to fix this ... any ideas?

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Makefile.in indicates the build system you should use is the GNU autotools. These will pre-process your files into GNU format makefile(s). You are then expected to use GNU make with these makefiles.

nmake is a completely different beast and will not be compatible with these files.

I suggest you investigate whether your package is buildable using Microsft tools (hunt out words like nmake or Visual Studio or Windows etc., in its documentation). Your other alternative is to grab a windows port of the Autotools. Cygwin is good, but here be dragons for the unwary.

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