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I am getting a scenerio where there are three buttons() right next to each other. They need to be enclosed by tag to work properly. The problem here is out of 3 buttons, second button operation must open in new window, rest in same window. So I was forced to use 3 tag around 3 buttons respectively with second one having target="_blank" property set. However, each starts with newline. I want all 3 buttons on same line with second button's form tag having property, target="_blank". Thanks

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That's because the HTML <form> element is by default a block element. HTML block elements are positioned in their own new line. Apart from putting them inside a table, you can also just display them inline using CSS. This way they won't be positioned in their own line, but next each other.

form {
    display: inline;
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wrap them around <h:panelGrid columns="3">

Then you will have each buttom in one colum, thus inline.

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Answer is simple.. Sometimes solution will be right in front of your eyes and we cant see it. Used table tag of simple HTML.

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