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I currently experimenting with different lightweight texteditors for Scala development. JEdit seems to enable the user to make many tweaks. However im currently having a problem with its error and warning highlightning, via the Console plugin. It marks some lines as errors without actually being it. Thats why I wanted to hear if any actually have a configuration of the sbt error patterns, which they would share with me:) The only thing I have found is here http://wiki.liftweb.net/index.php?title=SetUp_jEdit and that is not the correct regex. Hoping you are out there (the solution) Regards Stefan

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Just to document this question. The answer is:

Error: [error](\s)(\w):([\|\w|.]):(\d):(\s)([\w*|(\s)|\W]*)

Warn: [warn](\s)(\w):([\|\w|.]):(\d):(\s)([\w*|(\s)|\W]*)


Filename: $3

Line number: $4

Error message: $6

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