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How do I change the color of the Fluent Ribbon UI backstage menu which is – by default – blue?

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You need to set the Backstage Background Color. This will update the MenuButton, BackstageTabItems and the swish in the corner of the backstage panel. Example below sets the color to Red.

<Fluent:Backstage Background="Red">
        <Fluent:BackstageTabItem Header="New"/>
        <Fluent:BackstageTabItem Header="Print"/>
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Version 3.4.0: you can change the ribbon theme color using the MetroColors.ThemeColorKey property. Put the following code in App.xaml file:


        <!--  This "override" is needed to change the ribbon theme color, do not remove!  -->
        <Color x:Key="{x:Static fluent:MetroColors.ThemeColorKey}">#FFF66AC1</Color>
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