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I have this Msbuild code:

<Import Project="A.proj" Condition="$(BuildDefinition) =='Dist Staging to Dev' Or $(BuildDefinition) =='Dist Staging to Dev(Services Only)'"/>

But I was wondering if is there anything similar to check if an string contains some text to get something similar to:

<Import Project="A.proj" Condition="$(BuildDefinition) CONTAINS 'Dist Staging to Dev'"/>
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If you use MSBuild 4, you could use Property function

<Import Project="A.proj" 
        Condition="$(BuildDefinition.Contains('Dist Staging to Dev'))"/>

(More info on Property function)

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MSBuild4: As Julien said, in MSBUILD 4 is possible to user Property Function.

MSBuild 3.x: In previous versions is possible if you use Tigris MsBuild Tasks

You can use task RegexMatch and use a regular expression

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MsBuild Conditions reference doesn't have anything about a possibility of a "contains" function. Looks like your first version is the only option.

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As others have pointed out, MSBuild 4 doesn't add new syntax for Conditions but lets you use property functions instead (blogs.msdn.com/b/msbuild/archive/2010/04/02/…). – BCran Apr 23 '13 at 10:01

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