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I use biblatex and I basically use \textcite all the time. It would be quicker (and allow me to use some emacs reftex macros) if I could make \cite display like \textcite does. I use the style=apa option, so what this amounts to is I want \cite to do this: "Author (1999)" whereas it currently does this: "Author, 1999".

How do I redfine \cite to do what I want?

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This might be as simple as just \let\cite\textcite -- that defines \cite to have the same value as \textcite has at the point of definition.

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Just before this I added an alias for \cite so that if I did need it, I'd be able to use it. \let\npcite\cite –  Seamus Jul 21 '10 at 13:01

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