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In my job we are trying to consolidate the Authentication of the application farm with Windows Identity Fundation (WIF) or some custom component based in Membership Provider.

With this, we need to provide the developers (and final users) some component that can help us with the logic of managment views by Role (RBAC - Role Based Access Control). I couldn't find anything.

That's the idea: A user 'admin' can view 'Home' and 'Administration' pages. Well, like a developer, i don't want to write code to do this profiling. To do this, i expect to work with a component, that encapsulates this complexity. The same idea to manage events, or actions in the application

Do you know something like that? Something like Role Provider, but like a generic component, that can help me ( like the profiling in Moodle, or Joomla).

Just for the record, english isn't my navite language, and i'm still learning it.

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i need some help please! –  Esteban Lopez Jul 22 '10 at 16:54
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I wrote my own component for exactly this problem. You can interface to Windows directories and such, but in the past I did not want to manage an application's users through Windows AD, so I write my own role and privilege based subsystem for my applications.

It is not much work to do, and for me it was very worth it because I put into it exactly what I needed and no more.

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I wrote mine using Postsharp, just by adding attributes to the methos which you need access control.

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Can you show me an example please? Thanks for advice –  Esteban Lopez Jul 20 '10 at 16:05
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