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I setup a draggable div with the .draggable() UI from jQuery's site. My main container div is set to be the width and height of the window with overflow:hidden so there will never be a scrollbar on the page. My problem is that when I start dragging my draggable div off the page it makes my page scroll (which I do not want). Here is my code:

 html, body{
   margin:0 auto;

 #container #date-box{
background:url(/img/EWI/login/date-box.png) no-repeat;
margin:40px 0 0 15px;

  $("div#container div#date-box").draggable();

Please help!!!!

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The default value is set to scroll your container. set the option in .draggable({"scroll":false});

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Perfect!! thank you, very simple!! – sadmicrowave Jul 20 '10 at 15:02

you need to contain your draggable div :)

$("div#container div#date-box").draggable({ containment: '#containmentDivId', scroll: false });
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