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I have a Range object and I want to use it to extract information from the page where the Range reside in. The information is in the headers and the footers inside a table, I want to read the text from the table.

I tried: word.Sections[1].Headers[WdHeaderFooterIndex.wdHeaderFooterPrimary].Shapes.Range(ref pageNumber).TextFrame.TextRange.Text;

Where word is a Range and pageNumber is the page number this range reside in. The problem is I can't get the real page number! using word.get_information(WdInformation.wdActiveEndPageNumber) returns incorrect page number!

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I found the answer incase any1 is interested:

int i = (int)range.get_Information(WdInformation.wdActiveEndPageNumber) % 2;
WdHeaderFooterIndex index;
if (i == 0 && range.Sections[1].PageSetup.OddAndEvenPagesHeaderFooter == 1)
    index = WdHeaderFooterIndex.wdHeaderFooterEvenPages;
    index = WdHeaderFooterIndex.wdHeaderFooterPrimary;

Range sRange = range.Sections[1].Range;
object direction = Word.WdCollapseDirection.wdCollapseStart;
sRange.Collapse(ref direction);
if (range.get_Information(WdInformation.wdActiveEndPageNumber) == sRange.get_Information(WdInformation.wdActiveEndPageNumber)
    && range.Sections[1].PageSetup.DifferentFirstPageHeaderFooter == 1)
    index = WdHeaderFooterIndex.wdHeaderFooterFirstPage;

object rangeIndex = 1;
Range headerRange = range.Sections[1].Headers[index].Range.ShapeRange.TextFrame.TextRange;

string profession = headerRange.Tables[1].Cell(4, 1).Range.Text;
string manPower = headerRange.Tables[1].Cell(4, 2).Range.Text;
string registration = headerRange.Tables[1].Cell(4, 3).Range.Text;
string taggingListNum = headerRange.Tables[1].Cell(4, 4).Range.Text;
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