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Hi there.

I've got an issue running the azure developement fabric.

I have converted an existing asp.net mvc webapp to use azure cloud services, this works when I debug from visual studio and also when deploying to the cloud.

However, if I try to start up the developement fabric from commandline using the csRun command, I start getting all sorts of issues the windows azure web host stops working with "could not load file or assembly" messages.

The error points to a config error in a web.config file which seems to be generated when trying to run the developement fabric:

Line 51:                 <add assembly="*" />


The .dll that is causing the issue is SqlLite.dll which is only used in my test projects. I'm not sure why the csRun command would moan about assemblies that are not referenced in the web role project. I've tried temporarily removing the test projects but problem is still there.

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