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I have a VS2010 solution with a WiX 3.5 (beta) Votive project, (as well as all the projects for the program that I am installing). When I clean the VS solution all of the program projects get properly cleaned, but the WiX project does not - the wixobj, wixpdb and msi files are not deleted.

So my questions are:

Is what I am seeing expected behavior?

If so what can I do so that these files are deleted when I clean the solution?

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I think that this behavior is not correct. But you can find the same behavior on WiX 3.0 RTM too.

I have all my product build automated, and I have faced this issue with the following (obvious) steps:

  • Cleaning the WiX - Visual Studio project.
  • Deleting all the contents on Bin/(Debug or Release) folder.
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Yeah .. I'm thinking a pre-build step to delete everything. Its not like I am building the install all the time. But I did waste time today on some builds which only came good after I manually deleted WiX's intermediate files –  Peter M Jul 21 '10 at 1:54

To correct this behaivor, I think you should modify directly wixproj file. Open this file look at Target Name = "Clean" and change this to:

<Target Name = "Clean">
     <RemoveDir Directories="bin\$(Configuration)" />
     <RemoveDir Directories="obj\$(Configuration)" />
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This approach is more thorough than what visual studio does during 'normal' cleaning. Anyhow I find this way useful if you change the name of the output through project files with a script. Such a change would otherwise make any previous output not detected for deletion. –  Henrik Feb 4 '14 at 9:22

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