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I've installed 2 copies of Hudson CI server each on a separate Tomcat web server on my Windows machine. My task is to figure out a way to have these 2 Hudson instances communicate and interact with each other. After researching I came upon a solution, Hudson's Build-Publisher plug-in. By using this plug-in I was able to create a new job on one Hudson copy which then sent its build results and its build config verbatim to the other instance. Now, I have been asked to create a batch script, deploy it on 1 Hudson and have it call another batch script on the other Hudson synchronously. There needs to be data-handshaking going on. I created 2 small scripts. 1 of the scripts calls the other script which prints out the contents of 1 of the Hudson's Plug-in folder. I've been trying to figure out how to deploy these 2 scripts onto both Hudsons. 1 script would go on 1 copy and the other script, the script called from within the other script, onto the other Hudson copy. I am aware that you can deploy a batch script to be executed along with a build but I'm not sure if you can create jobs just using batch scripts calling each other. I would appreciate any help or guidance.

Thank you.

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Can you add some details as to why you need two separate Hudson instances ? This would be a lot easier to set up if you had a single Hudson. –  gareth_bowles Jul 21 '10 at 16:02
Well, my main project is to find a way to integrate Hudson with HP QTP. We came up with a way of trying it with 2 Hudson copies. The idea is that 1 Hudson should be designated to build a project while the other Hudson should be there to receive build results and to interact with the other copy. Multiple Hudson copies work together. Its really just a solution that will potentially be considered in the end by the team to be used as a possible prototype implementation for Hudson/QTP integration. –  M.M. Jul 22 '10 at 13:33

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