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But I also need a way to rename them incase there are conflicts.

Like if exists? then file.name = "1-"+file.name or something like that

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Maybe something like this works for you:

origin = '/test_dir'
destination = '/another_test_dir'

Dir.glob(File.join(origin, '*')).each do |file|
  if File.exists?(file)
    File.move file, File.join(destination, "1-#{File.basename(file)}")
    File.move file, File.join(destination, File.basename(file))

I didn't test this code, so let me know if it worked for you. If not we can iterate over it ;)

Best regards.

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Above code works, but little mistake, You are using if File.exists?(file), which is checking if file exits in origin folder/or subfolder,( which is of no use, since it was read because it already exists). You need to check if file already exists in destination folder. Because of this syntax the "else" is never getting executed. And all files are getting named like "1-filename". Correct would be to use

if File.exists? File.join(destination, File.basename(file))
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