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I have a bunch of stored procedure names. I want to export the create script for each of the stored procedure. What is the best way to do it?

Right now I am manually selecting the stored proc in SSMS and selecting "Script stored procedure as -> Drop and Create to". This seems tedious. I am hoping there is a better way to deal with this. Thanks.

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You can right-click on the database in the Object Explorer and do a Task > Generate Scripts.

alt text

That allows you to pick a whole bunch of objects to be scripted (e.g. tables, views, stored procs) and you can store those into a single big SQL file, or one SQL file per object. Works really quite well!

Update: if you want to do this in the SQL Server Management Studio app, you can use this SQL script to find the stored procs and their definitions - you cannot however have SQL Server Mgmt Studio write out the files to disk, that doesn't work - but you can copy the results into e.g. Excel.

    pr.name ,
    pr.type_desc ,
    pr.create_date ,
FROM sys.procedures pr
INNER JOIN sys.sql_modules mod ON pr.object_id = mod.object_id
WHERE pr.Is_MS_Shipped = 0
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thanks marc. Actually I have a bunch of SSRS report and a utility to extract stored proc names. since there will be a more of these reports coming in at frequent intervals, I was thinking of a t-sql script which can take the list of stored procedures and generate a script file. Is that possible? –  stackoverflowuser Jul 20 '10 at 17:24
Thanks. Exactly what i was looking for. –  stackoverflowuser Jul 20 '10 at 17:33

To script out all ones matching a particular criteria you could use something like the below. (though probably it should look at the values in the uses_ansi_nulls, uses_quoted_identifier columns for correctness)

DECLARE @t varchar(max)
set @t = ''

select @t = @t + definition + ' 


' from [sys].[sql_modules]
WHERE  OBJECTPROPERTY (object_id,'IsProcedure' )=1
AND  Object_name(object_id) LIKE '%SomePattern%'

/*Stops the long text from getting truncated in SSMS*/
SELECT @t AS [processing-instruction(x)] FOR XML PATH('')
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How does this work? Do i need to set @t to a list of comma seperated stored proc names? –  stackoverflowuser Jul 20 '10 at 17:36
@stack - No but you could get rid of the LIKE and use an in for that. –  Martin Smith Jul 20 '10 at 17:39
Awesome, exactly what I needed and no mouse-clicking required. –  dividius Mar 28 '12 at 8:50
How to do the same but for the SPs created after some date? I have found a way to get the list of SPs from sys.objects but there is not date column in sys.sql_modules... –  Azimuth Oct 16 '12 at 10:39
Great solution. Adding this script to my toolbox –  Adam Plocher Jul 31 at 10:05

If you select View --> Summary

Then Click "Stored procedures" from the object explorer it will provide you with a list of all your stored procedures which you can Ctrl/Shift select (select multiples). Then from there you can create all the drop scripts at once then all the create scripts. This is one of the many quirks I've found with SSMS.

Note: Another neat feature is the filter option, allowing you to filter through your stored/tables procedures with ease. Simply right click in the object explorer to bring up the menu.

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Thanks for informing about the filter feature. upvote from me. –  stackoverflowuser Jul 20 '10 at 17:43

Something like this would help you.

Using dynamic sql and cursors you can generate script, each in a separate file with .sql extension.

This script will generate script for all procedures whose names are mention in IN clause:

DECLARE @name varchar(100)
DECLARE @Definition varchar(max)
DECLARE @sql varchar(300)
DECLARE @schema varchar(10)
--AND [NAME] IN('SOME PROC 1','SOME PROC 2','SOME PROC 3','SOME PROC 4') --<------ Mention Proc names you want to generate scripts for
OPEN script
FETCH NEXT FROM script INTO @name, @Definition
  FETCH NEXT FROM script INTO @name, @Definition
  SET @schema = (select SYS.SCHEMAS.[NAME] from SYS.OBJECTS 
                 WHERE SYS.OBJECTS.[NAME]='' + @name + '')
  SET @sql = 'IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM ' + (@schema) +
             '.PROCEDURES WHERE [NAME] = ''' + @name + ''')' + CHAR(10)
  SET @sql = @sql + 'DROP PROCEDURE ' + @schema + '.' + @name + CHAR(10) + 'GO' + CHAR(10)
  PRINT @sql
  INSERT INTO TEMPTABLE VALUES(@sql + @definition)
  SET @Sql = ('BCP "SELECT TOP 1 def FROM TEMPTABLE ORDER BY ID DESC" queryout "D:\' + @name + '.sql" -c -T')
  EXEC XP_CmdShell @Sql  --<---- Export to file
CLOSE script
SELECT * FROM TEMPTABLE  --<----------- Optional
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You might look at sp_helptext for some ideas about how you can leverage that to create your scripts.

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good idea. thanks. –  stackoverflowuser Jul 20 '10 at 17:42

Visual Studio 2008 Database Professional Edition and Visual Studio 2010 Professional (and above) supports special project types for SQL Server 2005/2008. These projects support the automatic creation of change scripts, containing all changes between the current project and a specified target database.

AFAIK RedGate also provides some tools like this, though, I don't have any experiences with them.

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C:\>BCP "Select '--'+pr.name,
    pr.type_desc, pr.create_date, pr.modify_date, CHAR(13)+mod.definition
    from DATABASE_NAME.sys.objects pr
    INNER JOIN DATABASE_NAME.sys.sql_modules mod ON pr.object_id = mod.object_id
    where type='p'" queryout "C:/output.sql" -c -T -S SERVER_NAME

Execute from command prompt... it will return all stored procedures in one file with time stamps on with SP with created/modified date

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