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Just wondering if there is any way (in C) to get the contents of the console buffer, preferably as some kind of char array. It is going to be written to a file, so if I am missing out on something stupid that will do exactly that, then point it out. It can be Windows-specific. I am using MinGW (gcc 3.4.5).

Thanks in advance.

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You must mean the console, right? I'd clarify that in the question. Char arrays of Windows (unless you mean ascii art) would be kinda difficult ;) – x0n Nov 30 '08 at 20:25
Thanks, I'll change that. – Lucas Jones Nov 30 '08 at 21:03
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I think you need to take a look at win32 console functions for example GetStdHandle(), ReadConsoleOutput(), WriteConsoleOutput etc.

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OK, I'll check that out now! – Lucas Jones Nov 30 '08 at 21:05

In Win32, ReadConsoleOutput:

Reads character and color attribute data from a rectangular block of character cells in a console screen buffer, and the function writes the data to a rectangular block at a specified location in the destination buffer.

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Thanks for the link! :-) I would vote you up but I just joined. – Lucas Jones Nov 30 '08 at 21:35

Download mingw-readline

And look GNU Readline

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If it's the screen in a command window, then potentially no, or no easy way. You could hack at Windows events to select-all, copy, and read the clipboard.

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