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I created a SplitButton in TinyMCE and I am using a for loop to add buttons, but for some reason the buttons' onclick is always calling the same one (the last from the for loop). It seems every time I add a menu option, the callback is being overwritten.

Let me describe what I mean.

var c = cm.createSplitButton('optionsList', {
title : 'Options',

c.onRenderMenu.add(function(c, m){
var Opts1 = options[0];
var Opts2 = options[1];
var Opts3 = options[2];

var sub1 = m.addMenu({title: "Options 1"});
for(var x in Opts1){
    sub1.add({title: Opts1[x], onclick: function(){

var sub2 = m.addMenu({title: "Options 2"});
for(var y in Opts2){
    sub2.add({title: Opts2[y], onclick: function(){

var sub3 = m.addMenu({title: "Options 3"});
for(var z in Opts3){
    sub3.add({title: Opts3[z], onclick: function(){


The menus are created correctly, but for example if I select 'Options 1' and select any option, tinyMCE will print the last option from that subMenu. I don't know how to fix this.

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I fixed it, so I'll answer my own question. I needed to use a closure. The solution was:

var insertVar = function(val){
    return function(){tinyMCE.activeEditor.execCommand('mceInsertContent',false,val);}

var sub1 = m.addMenu({title: "Options 1"});
for(var x in Opts1){
    var variable = insertVar(Opts1[x]);
    sub1.add({title: Opts1[x], onclick: variable});
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Nice solution. I encounter this problem too. Now it works :) – Leap Bun Jan 17 '13 at 7:52

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