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Is it possible to use cassandra with heroku?

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No and yes.

It depends on whether you mean use a Heroku-hosted Cassandra instance or not. If that's what you mean then the answer is no (for now at least). They support PostrgeSQL within their stack and MySQL through Amazon RDS. MongoDB support is in beta (partnering with MongoHQ) and CouchDB is roadmapped for later this year (in conjunction with Cloudant).

But of course there's no technical reason to stop you from deploying Cassandra elsewhere (say on EC2) to work with your Heroku app. So in this context the answer is yes.

UPDATE (2012/09):

Heroku has launched a new add-on for Cassandra hosted by Details available here.

UPDATE (2014/11):

The Heroku Cassandra beta addon is no longer available nor does seem to exist anymore. ATM no Cassandra addon is available so only rolling your own as detailed above is possible.

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Yes take a look at for a hosted Cassandra solution and heroku addon.

We are in private beta as you can see here:

You can provision the addon using the following command:

heroku addons:add cassandraio

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Uhh, I don't see the add-on at Heroku nor can I add it using the heroku client. –  Jinyoung Kim Feb 19 '12 at 21:32
You may get into the private beta with us. –  chiappone Feb 20 '12 at 16:11
I signed up and got an email but was super confused by the whole process. Perhaps we can talk further via email. I'm [mywholename] at gmail. –  Jinyoung Kim Feb 21 '12 at 4:14

This is no longer the case. There is a company with a solution currently seeking testers:

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