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How do I get data within an Android Service that was passed from an invoking Activity?

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First Context (can be Activity/Service etc)

You have a few options:

1) Use the Bundle from the Intent:

Intent mIntent = new Intent(this, Example.class);
Bundle extras = mIntent.getExtras();
extras.putString(key, value);  

2) Create a new Bundle

Intent mIntent = new Intent(this, Example.class);
Bundle mBundle = new Bundle();
mBundle.extras.putString(key, value);

3) Use the putExtra() shortcut method of the Intent

Intent mIntent = new Intent(this, Example.class);
mIntent.putExtra(key, value);

New Context (can be Activity/Service etc)

Intent myIntent = getIntent(); // this getter is just for example purpose, can differ
if (myIntent !=null && myIntent.getExtras()!=null)
     String value = myIntent.getExtras().getString(key);

NOTE: Bundles have "get" and "put" methods for all the primitive types, Parcelables, and Serializables. I just used Strings for demonstrational purposes.

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But we can't use getIntent() method inside a service. How can achieve this when we are sending value from activity to service? –  Chanaka udaya Apr 7 '13 at 4:02
how to get int value... –  Prakhar Aug 15 '13 at 7:22
This does not work for services...? –  Luis A. Florit Apr 5 at 0:59
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For a precise answer to this question on "How to send data via intent from an Activity to Service", Is that you have to override the onStartCommand() method which is where you receive the intent object:

When you create a Service you should override the onStartCommand() method so if you closely look at the signature below, this is where you receive the intent object which is passed to it:

  public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags, int startId)

So from an activity you will create the intent object to start service and then you place your data inside the intent object for example you want to pass a userID from Activity to Service:

 Intent serviceIntent = new Intent(YourService.class.getName())
 serviceIntent.putExtra("UserID", "123456");

When the service is started its onStartCommand() method will be called so in this method you can retrieve the value (UserID) from the intent object for example

public int onStartCommand (Intent intent, int flags, int startId){

    String userID = intent.getStringExtra("UserID");

    return START_STICKY;

Note: the above answer specifies to get an Intent with getIntent() method which is not correct in context of a service

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