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I'm trying to make an on-the-fly PDF generator using PHP, but I'm having one problem so far in that the pages I am trying to generate as a PDF have a bar graph generated by flot using a canvas.

Does anyone have experience with this or know how to get canvas to print to pdf?

I'm also open to the idea of simply having my client load a page that has each graph of the report broken by (print) page using CSS to style page breaks and use the built in Print to PDF printer.

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Which PDF printer do you tested? I had some very good experiences with TCPDF. –  Kau-Boy Jul 20 '10 at 19:17
So far I have been able to print an entire webpage using whatever default pdf printer was installed on a windows xp box. I will take a look at what you suggested and test it out tonight. Thanks. –  Kprice Jul 20 '10 at 21:08

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I've never used <canvas> to try and create/print a pdf. I would recommend NOT using <canvas> because it's not supported in all browsers. However There is a function in canvas called: toDataURL() that will convert what the canvas is showing to an image which you can then use to save/print however it would be in an image format and not a pdf.

I would recommend using a php library to create a pdf and then display that to the user. I personally have used FPDF but here is a list of a few:




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