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In PHP, you do this to replace more then one value at a time.

$string = "i am the foobar";

$newstring = str_replace(array('i', 'the'), array('you', 'a'), $string);

echo $newstring;

How do you do this in javascript?

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Use javascript's .replace() method, stringing multiple replace's together. ie:

var someString = "foo is an awesome foo bar foo foo";
var replaced = somestring.replace(/foo/g, "bar").replace(/is/g, "or");
// replaced now contains: "bar or an awesome bar bar bar bar"
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Excellent just what I was looking for...I was dealing with dynamic strings so mine ended up looking something like var exp = new RegExp(foo, 'g'); somestring.replace(exp, 'bar'); –  afreeland Dec 9 '14 at 14:13

You could do:


var string = "jak har en mamma";

string = string.replace(/(jak)|(mamma)/g,function(str,p1,p2) {
        if(p1) return 'du';
        if(p2) return 'pappa';



var string = "jak har en mamma";

string = string.replace(/jak/g,'du').replace(/mamma/g,'pappa');
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