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I've cloned the Official GCC git repository, which includes a full GCC development history, but git branch -r lists only a few recent branches, and 'git tag' reports no tag. git fetch --tags didn't help. git svn fetch will recreate tags/branches that were in SVN, but will take about 10 days to complete.

I know I could use SVN directly, but would prefer to leverage git's superior merge capabilities to forward-port changes from gcc-3.3.2.

So, is there a relatively quick way to automatically retrieve git tags or branches for old GCC releases?

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To create git tags for GCC releases, you must first clone the git repository with git clone git://gcc.gnu.org/git/gcc.git ; cd git and then fetch the release branches, following the instructions in the gcc wiki:

~/gcc> for f in 2_95 3_0 3_1 3_2 3_3 3_4 ; do git config --add remote.origin.fetch refs/remotes/gcc-$f-branch:refs/remotes/origin/gcc-$f-branch; done
~/gcc> for f in 1_00 1_1; do git config --add remote.origin.fetch refs/remotes/egcs_${f}_branch:refs/remotes/origin/egcs_${f}_branch; done
~/gcc> git remote update

Then you can create tags for the various releases as follows:

#! /bin/sh
# These commits removed "prerelease" from DEV-PHASE
git tag gcc-4.5.0  72d56ebb66ff343f779686a70c7be429238f5d5d 
git tag gcc-4.4.4  fdaa572e16a4a3ed881c9daa357c933c06dc31cb 
git tag gcc-4.4.3  51a24d9c5dbd1c57edd1e424e9e3d2ff7d51c69b 
git tag gcc-4.4.2  36b1f6c832fa33bee30bff27673c0dbdc395c176 
git tag gcc-4.4.1  d380ec468c73de5d574a447eafafc2459c7cf30b 
git tag gcc-4.4.0  2728d6e41532213f6aeb4389279ea4bfb67fc630 
git tag gcc-4.3.5  16d5e336556f03096929f6dde24f512b54a461ec 
git tag gcc-4.3.4  cbbc992fb4715f214e3cdde8772a7a689e73b93f 
git tag gcc-4.3.3  7c2c8f392d84e82a0486f4620f144d30a7f5b23b 
git tag gcc-4.3.2  d68c00434de71550eaf302687e50f25de9f54a7f 
git tag gcc-4.3.1  1394445da1475b1bf4f38d021e87f40f45ce89f3 
git tag gcc-4.3.0  16c0ea36c9d625d2ae7a101163c8bde9f760a021 
git tag gcc-4.2.4  274499b7a967415ae994d93dbe23f30845885aaf 
git tag gcc-4.2.3  e5e549f0d8c2f02bf7785f1330c4ee5c5c764d62 
git tag gcc-4.2.2  541a9a5982606677fe5bb7068000ba603de6caa9 
git tag gcc-4.2.1  13cfe4cbd201e7390fe0f74f87aada6d6c1f9d81 
git tag gcc-4.2.0  18187566601443fc139424f6f0563d49ac1760e9 
git tag gcc-4.1.2  fd3c8e16b8724e10f1de95bbc157f2ac838ecf6a 
git tag gcc-4.1.1  a393db9348d55e6b889d4b87a8728af8fa22f90c
git tag gcc-4.1.0  abe98e32d2e56516eacbfe8aad3dcec9750e4d50
# These commits created unadorned gcc/version.c except for
# gcc-3.3.6, which includes the subsequent parse.y fix.
git tag gcc-4.0.4  e3a4cd335ea4a9fc2c9e2c8f7f9f47b8d104cd6b 
git tag gcc-4.0.3  89ef6ca7fc65f4bd4328a7ed92073787767108e1 
git tag gcc-4.0.2  ba94c4d3347470baad33d33da0aab6c466d3a76d 
git tag gcc-4.0.1  dc4eedf60db8034421294df88f4006758d0a3fee 
git tag gcc-4.0.0  81a28974b35a40ea0f9e49ebcf461808f79cd1c9
git tag gcc-3.4.6  359e576cf4a70392fda974114498ba451310ab05 
git tag gcc-3.4.5  31f752f38d95c8d5b8f4368ab7f6630dd8569190 
git tag gcc-3.4.4  8e095405a5fe8adf3f01361c05e7010a9b94e8cc 
git tag gcc-3.4.3  5625cbd10a9d3a1fbe7541f1776f8a3efdbee1e8 
git tag gcc-3.4.2  7db743b07c1d46b879c0cb1a43597ed5e9feae2c 
git tag gcc-3.4.1  a1d11c1349ec7908053ab5d2c6200652e4d8c700 
git tag gcc-3.4.0  3b3ea0678785edcb024c8fb6c2a870a1260bd407 
git tag gcc-3.3.6  67be34f080d258b9accdc9b2dc60e522a071b24d 
git tag gcc-3.3.5  34ae055bd7b7f51982f981c9e039899e948d4a79 
git tag gcc-3.3.4  fbd67149061d692b9da2dbabd782367cdc429551 
git tag gcc-3.3.3  46f1268b65c1b8634a5bd1e10b9c8410d1387010 
git tag gcc-3.3.2  79d8c6c28fc8d439fe84d65a2fbfe23df3527d93 
git tag gcc-3.3.1  7650ad7cf3c4148167ec46b700ef164b9cc96dbf 
git tag gcc-3.3    b96376930b5c43b42d357a269de640596dc0fe34 
git tag gcc-3.2.3  d79068c19439ded5d3c025455c7d56dd33b968fb 
git tag gcc-3.2.2  bfac687d15cfc11828f9d8a0a64616dfb9cfa58d 
git tag gcc-3.2.1  85fed4a8c013f5532a7ac6a831fc3a86b20045f9 
git tag gcc-3.2    0fc80fd06dd97851b2b63e09becd3cb9f4e0fffc 
git tag gcc-3.1.1  941e96525189b92bc056913f51f362b96ea5cb45 
git tag gcc-3.1    b7ba1b367cf7cedf834b83cc47594bac9549fab0
# These commits set "(release)" in gcc/versionc.c
git tag gcc-2.95.3 35ab1cbf431d6c6cefe00721286cfce1737d11c7
git tag gcc-2.95.2 980266352750ab98bbc2a4fa2da04a6e4c2af019
git tag gcc-2.95.1 ee41387a5663e9239605bf48259227016944dbf1
git tag gcc-2.95   100d7691ebd6455c709c5ceae36bdd6baa4a2087

Note that the commit IDs above were derived manually, but have been verified against SVN where possible with the script below. I did not provide tags for EGCS releases, but the trick is to check out the release branch and use git log -p gcc/version.c to reveal the relevant commit IDs.

I tried to find a way to do fast automatic tag-setting, and even succeeded for recent (gcc-4.1+) releases, but it seems that the gcc-3.X and early gcc-4.0.X tags in the SVN repository were not imported into the official git repository, so I could not generate correct results for those. The script to do this follows, but again it generates incorrect tags for older releases:

#! /bin/bash
# git clone git://gcc.gnu.org/git/gcc.git && cd gcc
# git svn init $s

echo 'Creating tags.db (This takes several seconds.)'
git log --grep=git-svn-id: --remotes \
| egrep '(^commit |git-svn-id: )' \
| sed -e 's/^ *git-svn-id:[^@]*@\([0-9]*\).*/\1/' \
| awk 'BEGIN { RS = "commit " ; FS = "\n" } { print $1, $2 }' \
> tags.db

echo 'Reading tags.db'
while read cid rev ; do commit[$rev]=$cid ; done < tags.db

echo 'Fetching SVN revisions and tagging'
echo '                                          SVN rev'
echo ' Git commit ID                            in git  SVN rev Tag'
echo ' ======================================== ======= ======= ======= = = ='
echo ' (Waiting for remote svn info.  This takes a few seconds.)'
for t in `svn ls $s/tags | fgrep release | sed -e 's@/$@@'`
  rev=`svn info $s/tags/$t | grep '^Last Changed Rev: ' | awk '{ print $4 }'`
  # Scan the svn log for the first SVN revision mirrored in GIT.
  # This is required because git-svn does not mirror SVN tag/branch revisions.
  for r in `svn log -l 2 $s/tags/$t \
            | grep '^r[0-9][0-9]* | ' \
            | awk '{ print $1 }' \
            | sed -e 's/r//'`
    if [ x"${commit[$r]}" = x ] ; then continue ; fi
    printf " %40s %7s %7s %s\n" "${commit[$r]}" "$r" "$rev" "$t"
    if [ x"${commit[$r]}" != x ] ; then 
        git tag -f "$t" "${commit[$r]}"

echo 'Removing tags.db'
rm tags.db
echo 'Done.'
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This is awesome. –  rubenvb Apr 29 '12 at 10:55
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If this is from this GCC Git Repo (that you can browse here), they mention having all the branches not associated with the remote, to not add too much weight to the local repo you are getting.


That is why they mention:

All Branches:

~/gcc> git config --add remote.origin.fetch refs/remotes/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
~/gcc> git remote update

Pulling all branches increases the size of the .git directory by about 30% over just trunk and release branches.
At least it does if you fetch everything at the beginning; a full fetch after a smaller fetch/clone may be larger because the pack you end up with isn't as well compressed.

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It worked! I also followed the instructions just after those that you referenced ( at gcc.gnu.org/wiki/GitMirror#The_various_release_branches ) and now have the tags I need. Thanks for your help. –  Glenn Brown Jul 21 '10 at 4:04
@Glenn: you are welcome :) It is strange you needed the extra step, since the gobbling refspec remote.origin.fetch refs/remotes/*:refs/remotes/origin/* should have imported every branches. –  VonC Jul 21 '10 at 4:11
I was wrong: it hasn't worked for me. The tags I have are partial, and come from my other efforts. It's quite possible the failure is due to these other efforts. I will retry from scratch following the wiki page you referenced. –  Glenn Brown Jul 21 '10 at 4:47
@Glenn: no problem. Just comment what exact step you followed to make it work and I will include it in this answer. –  VonC Jul 21 '10 at 5:39
Starting over with git clone git://gcc.gnu.org/git/gcc.git gcc_kiss && cd gcc_kiss && git config --add remote.origin.fetch "refs/remotes/*:refs/remotes/origin/*" && git remote update I get fatal: refs/remotes/origin/fortran-dev tracks both refs/heads/fortran-dev and refs/remotes/fortran-dev from the remote update step so I believe the wiki instructions are broken. I'm using git-, BTW. –  Glenn Brown Jul 21 '10 at 16:34
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