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I am using jquery layout and I have a very hard time getting rid of the margins on the panes. There is always a margin and no amount of css will get rid of them. I am implementing the simple demo.simple demo So basically I want the same thing but without any margins/padding on the inner panes. I'll adjust these my self. The objective is to be able to put a background image in there that stretches from border to border.

Hope I am clear enough.

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I think the following CSS rule might fix your problem:

.ui-layout-pane {
  padding: 0px !important;

Unfortunately it looks like the pane plugin does a lot of absolute positioning and so it's likely the sizes of the containers will now be off by 20px each. You could write some jQuery to fix that, maybe:

jQuery('.ui-layout-pane').each( function() {
  var el = jQuery(this);
  el.width( el.width() + 20 );
} );

...or somesuch, but... yea, it's not ideal. You might want to look for a different plugin or modify the source of this one to account for the 20px discrepancy in the sizes of the panes.

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To think I was sure I tried that dargn. Thanks!! I already resize everything so it didnt break anything at all. Ill accept your answer real soon it wont let me right now. –  Iznogood Jul 20 '10 at 19:58
Glad to be of help :) –  rfunduk Jul 20 '10 at 20:24
You can apply the padding: 0px inside the jQuery each function, directly to each pane elements. This solution works for me too. –  Yanick Rochon Oct 5 '13 at 13:22

I'm using a newer version of UI Layout than when the O.P. created this question, but, I think this pane option has been around a little while. The following worked for me, and shouldn't require hacking (rather scouring the source / reading the docs)

Try setting applyDefaultStyles to false. (or maybe now it's called applyDemoStyles)






FWIW - I'm using the complex layout -- jquery.layout 1.3.0 - Release Candidate 30.79

Specifically, this worked for my "west sidebar" inner settings pane. For me, applyDefaultStyles controls the unwanted white padding for the pane I was targeting. There are different ways to declare settings for the different panes. I used 'list format' which looks like this...

//'list format'
westSidebarSettings_Inner = {
  applyDefaultStyles: false  // basic styling for testing & demo purposes
  , // (other settings ommitted in this stackoverflow snippet for brevity)

//'sub-key format'
var layoutSettings_Outer = {
  name: "outerLayout" 
  // options.defaults apply to ALL PANES - but overridden by pane-specific settings
 , defaults: {
    size: "auto"
    , minSize: 50
    , paneClass: "pane"         // default = 'ui-layout-pane'
    , resizerClass: "resizer"   // default = 'ui-layout-resizer'
    , togglerClass: "toggler"   // default = 'ui-layout-toggler'
    , buttonClass: "button" // default = 'ui-layout-button'
 , north: {
    spacing_open: 21                // cosmetic spacing
    , togglerLength_open: 21        // to HIDE the toggler button, set = 0
    , togglerLength_closed: 21      // "100%" OR -1 = full width of pane

$(document).ready(function () {
  // create the OUTER LAYOUT
  outerLayout = $("body").layout(layoutSettings_Outer);

  // create an INNER LAYOUT to split my west sidebar into 2 pieces 
  // (actual settings ommitted in this stackoverflow snippet for brevity)
  innerLayout = $(outerLayout.options.west.paneSelector).layout(westSidebarSettings_Inner);
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No, this does not seem to work. –  Yanick Rochon Oct 5 '13 at 13:19
what version of layout are you using? I'll update my answer above with my specific findings. –  bkwdesign Oct 7 '13 at 17:41
the complex layout sample.. is indeed.. complex. but, I can say I've tested and this indeed works for me. –  bkwdesign Oct 7 '13 at 17:58

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