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I am using a flash chart library that takes an xml file/string as input. The xml file is generated using a xml.builder file, but I am not sure the generated xml file is actually being found.

If there is a (name).xml.builder file and a (name).html.erb file, does that mean both an html/xml file is generated, when format.html and format.xml is called? What could be the other problem?

The relevant code snippets are below: (input_by_month.html.erb)

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/javascripts/AnyChart.js"></script> 
    <h2>Input by Month</h2>
    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> 
    var chart = new AnyChart('/AnyChart.swf'); 

The above javascript expects an XML file named "input_by_month.xml". I THINK the file is being built via "input_by_month.xml.builder". XML is well formed and does not contain any errors.

  xml.settings do

The html view is generated in a controller with action named "input_by_month".

class ChartsController < ApplicationController
  def input_by_month
    @months = params[:months]
    @input_by_month = InputByMonth.find(:all, :conditions => "user_id = '#{current_user.id}' AND end_time between '#{@months.months.ago.to_date}' AND '#{Time.now.to_date}'")

    respond_to do |format|
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The error I was making was due to routes.rb not taking into account .xml paths. Since input_by_month is a custom action, I mapped it to routes.rb using:

map.connect "charts/input_by_month", :controller => 'charts', :action => 'input_by_month'

The above line only maps .html files. What I needed was to also add routes for .xml files. To do this I need to add an additional line:

map.connect "charts/input_by_month.:format", :controller => 'charts', :action => 'input_by_month'

Adding this line, allowed the javascript in my .html view to find the .xml file generated by the input_by_month action.

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