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Does anyone have suggestions for best practices using "review" pages and dropdown items?

(What I mean by "review" page is, they enter data and press submit, that goes to a "pass-through" action that renders a summary of what they entered and if they like it, they press submit and it posts to an action that takes it and stuff it.)

For example, I have a data entry page that has a drop down of product categories, the data value is an integer, but the display is a descriptive string. So the data entry page is straight forward enough, but the DropDownFor references an int property of the viewmodel. On the "review" page I need to translate that back to a friendly string.

I'm looking for the most 'elegant' way to do that.

I think I've discovered the 'wrong' way to do it, make an HtmlHelper that looks the id up in the DB and comes back with the friendly string.

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How do you populate the values in the DropDown on your Edit page? Could you not use the same code on your ReviewAndConfirm page? –  marcind Jul 21 '10 at 3:24
I have a ViewModel that has a List<SelectListItem> that contains all the values one of which is the category name and the other is an ID value, it also has a SKU object that has a property for the category ID. In the edit view I bind the dropdown value to the SKU category value. So in the review page (passing the same viewmodel) I have to show the textual value of the category (which I no longer have) so I am passing the ID to the helper and tugging it from the DB. –  Webjedi Jul 21 '10 at 14:15
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