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I am looking for a SFTP Client which is free. Also it should have a free dll using which I can write code to upload and download file in C# (.NET framework).

For example following code is not free, it has 30 days free evaluation, I want it for free,

Chilkat.SFtp sftp = new Chilkat.SFtp();

bool success;
success = sftp.UnlockComponent("Anything for 30-day trial");

sftp.ConnectTimeoutMs = 5000;
sftp.IdleTimeoutMs = 10000;

int port;
string hostname;
hostname = "www.my-ssh-server.com";
port = 22;
success = sftp.Connect(hostname,port);

success = sftp.AuthenticatePw("myLogin","myPassword");

success = sftp.InitializeSftp();

string handle;
handle = sftp.OpenFile("hamlet.xml","readOnly","openExisting");

success = sftp.DownloadFile(handle,"c:/temp/hamlet.xml");

success = sftp.CloseHandle(handle);
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Would recomend to take a look at https://nuget.org/packages/SSH.NET

I think it's more up to date than sharp.ssh, works good for transmitting files through sftp.

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I'm currently using SharpSSH which is free and has a very nice easy interface. SharpSSH sourcefoge page. It has all the authentication functionality that you mentioned.

You can do this in C#:

var sftp = new Sftp(hostName, userName, password);
sftp.Put(putFilePath, toDir);
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You might want to take a look at WinSCP. Although it is not a library, you can write scripts to drive it and the link is to a nice tutorial that shows you how to do it in both C# and Visual Basic.

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Nowdays WinSCP has WinSCP .NET assembly as a .NET wrapper around WinSCP scripting interface. –  Martin Prikryl Nov 5 '13 at 16:23

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