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I'm trying to install R and came across this error during installation:, which is why i need to install the fortran compiler. Every .rpm i have downloaded of the gcc42.fortran has given me this error:

libgfortran2 >= 4.2.1_20070724-50.18 is needed by package gcc42-fortran-4.2.1_20070724-50.18.i586 (/gcc42-fortran-4.2.1_20070724-50.18.i586) gcc42 = 4.2.1_20070724-50.18 is needed by package gcc42-fortran-4.2.1_20070724-50.18.i586 (/gcc42-fortran-4.2.1_20070724-50.18.i586)

Is there an easier way of installing it? Like via yum?


I got gcc installed, but im rather confused in the link provided as how to apply the patch at step 8.

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This question is probably better at – frankc Jul 21 '10 at 4:13
That link looks a little wonky- it suggests modifying the configure script when the "normal" approach to specifying a fortran compiler is via setting the FC or F77 environment variables before running the configure script. – Sharpie Jul 22 '10 at 5:41
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Have you tried the package manager? For example, Ubuntu's Synaptic Package Manager has a package called gfortran. The package manager should take care of dependencies.

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Editing or patching the configure script is not a good idea. The file to edit would be But for just using a different compiler there's no need to change anything. You can run:

FC=gfortran-4.2 F77=gfortran-4.2 ./configure 

For more details see ./configure --help.

The easier way to install would indeed be yum install R.

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