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I must have looked at 10-15 tutorials on this already but just cannot get this to work, so in my .js I have:

    jQuery('#sports : checkbox').click(function() {

alert('it works');


and in my .html doc I have:

<input type="checkbox" name="sports"  />

It just won't work, no matter what I try and I have tried every variation I can come up with, the input checkbox isn't in a DIV or anything (but I am also curious how to reference it if it is in a div.. just for a control on this test, I have tried this and it works fine (where "testdiv" is a name of a DIV in my document:

   jQuery('#testdiv').click(function() {

alert('it works');

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Without spaces:


and you have to give the input element the correct ID (# selects elements with the corresponding ID):

<input type="checkbox" name="sports"  id="sports" />

Or you search for attribute name:

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thanks, stupid mistake on my part –  Rick Jul 21 '10 at 0:12

Your selector is off a bit, you need this instead (for your current markup):

jQuery(':checkbox[name=sports]').click(function() {
  alert('it works');

When you do a #sports : checkbox selector it's looking for...well I'm not sure what, but #sports :checkbox is looking for a <input type="checkbox" /> inside an element with id="sports". The [name=sports] is using the attribute-equals selector. You can find a full list of selectors here.

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Have you tried adding an id to your html? The # in jQuery refers you are selecting an id.

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