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In the good old days when the internet was non-existent , programmers had the following tools at there peril:

  1. Books

  2. Teachers

Yes, thats it! just two resources. When searching for example code they either had to copy the code from a colleague or simply read several books until they found the code which they needed. It was a very long and tiring process. When programmers could not find the code which they needed, then they simply had to code themselves (logic). For example, how to make two computers communicate with each other i.e. if you were developing a chat program. This kind of project could take months IF the programmer could not afford the books or the teachers for that matter.

Now with the advent of google, I could search for "Java chat program" and the WHOLE code would come up, I could just add what I need and market the software. Would everybody agree with me that this is actually not programming? and that the programmer is not actually a true programmer because google gives them everything on a plate. Even when I get stuck on code, in fact ALL the time, I just google and the answer comes up. And further if it wasnt for google it would take me months to work out a specific piece of code. Does this really make me or anybody else a true programmer? Ive started iphone development, I find that if I dont use google, and just use books its IMPOSSIBLE to make ANYTHING. I appreciate that even if you have access to google, you still need to adapt/change code to what you need to do with it – and I can create ANYTHING by doing this. ALL comments are appreciated. You see , what I really want to hear from all you programmers out there is that “ Yes Qessar, we are very dependent on google, and we search for the most basic of things, and you shouldn’t feeling guilty about that because we don’t ! And also if it wasn’t for google, projects which take us 3 months to complete now take us 3 weeks to complete because code which we need is just thrown at us from forums and google”.

Would every body agree with me that apart from being a programmer it SEEMS that these days its more about having EXCELLENT skills on using the correct keywords in google for whatever you are look for (i.e. “convert string to integer C#” etc) and being able to afford good teachers or paper back books (well now you can buy ebooks online).

All comments welcome.

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I'd say this is more of a rant than a question. It will most likely be closed. –  alex Jul 21 '10 at 1:09
Why would we want code reuse but not information reuse? –  Jacob Jul 21 '10 at 1:24
You forgot 'coworkers' and 'friends' and 'family' and 'the other guys in the computer group' and 'CACM' and so on. Nothing has changed. (Did anyone lament Knuth's Sorting book? "Oh now anyone can look up how to perform an online sort with seven tape spools!") –  sarnold Jul 21 '10 at 1:25
"This 'writing stories down' crap will never last." - Homer circa 800-1200 BC –  msw Jul 21 '10 at 1:32

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In every age, people use the latest tools to build on work that has come before. Some in each age will decry the new easier-to-use tools, and claim that it isn't real work any more. People used to claim that if you didn't code in assembler, you weren't a real programmer, or that if you used a dynamic language you weren't, etc.

Technology always builds on what came before. Old problems are solved and encapsulated, and are no longer thought of as serious problems.

Now we have Google, and snippets are easy to find. The real programming comes in finding, adapting, combining, extending, and then writing your own.

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Indeed. And each time a new tool is introduced to make things easier, it enables more complex problems to be tackled until they are encapsulated by the next big thing. This is called progress. –  Quick Joe Smith Jul 21 '10 at 1:22

We are dependent on google, but do you expect google to go away?

When books were invented were we lamenting becoming too dependent on books?

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One thing to note is that Google, although has hampered beginner programmer skills to a certain extent, has in fact helped develop more software, more Web 2.0 stuff and expand the software industry, more specially open source.

I doubt if Open Source would have been popular, if it hadn't been for Google to a certain extent.

And to answer your questions, I feel good Googling skills are very important to solve time-saving or redundant problems. Esp. finding the right forums and asking the right questions.

And, yes we are very very much dependent on Google. At least I am. In fact, even Stack Overflow was another Google inspiration I feel.

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AFAIK, most of people that used internet for a few years aren't able to read slow and carefuly even a few pages of plain text. In this way google helps mostly at finding small forgotten details. Most of the real knowledge still comes from reading real books.

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