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So I've got a plugin I've been working on that takes a select box and then hides it and makes a div with anchor links in it. (The dropdown part and such is working just fine).

When I create the anchor elements, where should I store what option value they represent? When they are clicked, I need to be able to put the data back into the select box.

Ideas? Opinions?

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The data function is handy.

// Store
$('#some_selector').data('foo', 'bar');

// Retrieve
var value = $('#some_selector').data('foo');
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Two ideas come to mind. First is, don't store the values at all, use the index to select the items:

var realSelect = $("select");
$("#fakeselect").delegate("a", "click", function (e) {
  realSelect[0].selectedIndex = $(this).index();

Or of course, you could also use the jQuery data function to associate the values with the links:

$("option").each( function(i, el) {
   $("<a />", {
     html: el.innerHTML,
     data: { val: $(el).val() }

$("#fakeselect").delegate("a", "click", function (e) {
  alert( $(this).data('val') ); // alerts value
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Use an HTML 5 data- attribute.


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These attributes are great for storing data prior to JavaScript use. Once you are using jQuery, the data methods are the better way to go. –  Doug Neiner Jul 21 '10 at 3:37

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