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I'm looking at some code that I know has a memory leak and I think I know why. however; I am curious about the bloody details.

At the beginning of a request there is a call to session.OpenSession(); in order to get an ISession but at the end of the request there is no call session.Close(); and/or session.Dispose();

What objects are staying in memory? Are the "entities" hanging around? What features of NHibernate are being lost? Will these objects every get garbage collected?

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You lose features of NHibernate when you close the session. –  Jay Jul 21 '10 at 5:15
At the end of a http, wcf or winforms form close I need to close the session. I can't and don't want to close it in the middle, just what if I don't close it at whatever "end" my request has? –  Detroitpro Jul 21 '10 at 6:55

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If you don't close the session, all the entities referenced there, and all the supporting data structures stay there until it's garbage collected.

So, closing the session must be done at the end of the request, whether it was successful or not.

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You can use the singleton pattern

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