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I have created a app which will upload the file at a particular location. How can I read the file uploaded after the model is saved? When I click on the file link on change_field_page it gives page not found. I'm using Django 1.2 and django-admin for this.

Here's my models.py:

class UploadClass(models.Model):
  template_name=models.ForeignKey(sas,verbose_name=ugettext_lazy('Template Name'))
  created_on=models.DateTimeField(ugettext_lazy('Created on'),auto_now_add=True)

  def __unicode__(self):
    return (self.template_name.name)

I'm not doing anything informs.py. How can I open the file after saving the object?

One way to do this is to create a view for the 'url' and return the file. Are there any others?

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In terms of the file not being linked correctly from the admin, check your MEDIA_ROOT and your MEDIA_URL point to, ultimately, the same place. Also, can you give examples of how the %Y/%B/ is working out as folder names, please? They may not be as you expect.

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