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In Windows mobile 5 I had a link (lnk file) wich cointained : 255#"\windows\rnaapp.exe" -e"test". Using that lnk file I was able to dial a connection that I named "test" (In WM 5.0).

Now I got a Samsung bt7610 with WM 6.5, and when I use my lnk file, it frezzes pop-up windows and makes no connection.

My guess is that there was a change in a rnapp.exe or somthing like that. Can anyboady help me?

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Try changing the number before the # to be the actual length of the command. See this MSDN article.

30#"\windows\rnaapp.exe" -e"test"
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it's not working. :-( –  milan Jul 23 '10 at 7:15

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