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I have the following in javascript:

var entriesString = '';
        $$('select[id=shopId]').each(function(elem, i){
            shops[i] = elem.value;
            entries[i] = new Array();

            $$('input[id=entry'+i+']').each(function(elem, c){
                if(elem.value != '') entries[i][c] = elem.value.replace(".", "").replace(",", "."); else entries[i][c] = '0.0'
            entriesString += '&entry'+i+'=' + entries[i];

Now I'm new to JS and therefore do not know what the first $$('select[id=shopId]') part means. It must be some sort of array or collection, due to the .each part it is followed by. In that loop is again a nested loop that uses the loop variable i in its head. But again, I don't know what exactly does %%('input[...]') mean. What kind of syntax is this? Also, where does the data.

This is what entryString looks like for example:


Thanks a lot or your help!

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Looks like Prototype to me. – Jacob Relkin Jul 21 '10 at 11:11
might as well be mootools … – knittl Jul 21 '10 at 11:49
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your code uses the prototype JS framework. $$('ELEMENTNAME') instanciates all DOM element with ELEMENTNAME (so i.e. all input fields) and returns them as array of objects.

with id==xy it returns that one with id xy

<input type="blah" id="xy" value="123" />

will be found

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Thanks a lot you guys! – tzippy Jul 21 '10 at 11:22

That looks like the $$ method of the Prototype library. The documentation is here:$$

It selects DOM elements given a CSS-style selector.

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$$() is not something of javascript. It seems to be likely that you're using the Prototype Javascript Framework. Here you find the documentation of $$:

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You are using the Prototype library.


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It use a great function to get elements with css selectors.

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