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I have a list of strings like


I need to remove the first 4 characters from each string

so the resulting list will be like


Is there any way to do this using LINQ?

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strings = strings.Select(s => s.Substring(4)).ToList();

That will throw an ArgumentOutOfRange exception if the string is not at least four characters long, so you may want to do something like

strings = strings.Where(s => s.Length >= 4).Select(s => s.Substring(4)).ToList();

to remove strings that are too short.

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With linq only :

l.Select(s => new string(s.Skip(4).ToArray())).ToList();

or using Substring

l.Select(s => s.Substring(4)).ToList();

But with the limitations that Quartermeister noted (Exception if the strings are too small)

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