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I am searching for a sasl library for .net.

So far I could only find: Sasl.Net but it looks dead and only implements plain and digest-md5.

Can anyone suggest a good library? Preferably an open-source implementation.

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This question can be updated. There is now the S22.SASL library for .NET which is much more complete.

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Thanks, do you have any experiance with it? – Cohen Jun 29 '15 at 16:56
Very limited, I've been working on using it for SASL authentication against Irc, but I haven't spent much time on it. – James LaPenn Jun 29 '15 at 17:14

In order to get this funcaiontly you will likly have to use a Python SASL library along with IronPython.

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looks like a viable solution. I have no experience with IronPython nor python. Do you have experience in porting python to ironpython? Would it be a lot of work? – Cohen Jul 30 '10 at 8:24

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