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I've a page that is deeply nested. And one that is in the root path. Inside of the deeply nested page I have an anchor tag which is supposed to navigate to another page (which is not in the root, but it is easy to specify a root relative path).

I've done the following trying to specify a root relative path:

<a href="~/home/main.aspx">Home</a> -> This one gives me a 404 error. It is not able to resolve ~ part to the root path.

The other option is to travel one directory up:

<a href="../../../home/main.aspx">Home</a> -> This is headache.

Then I tried this:

<a href="/home/main.aspx">Home</a> -> This gave me a 404 again. It simply removed what came after the localhost:<port_number>/ part and affixed it with /home/main.aspx.

What is the way to specify a root relative path here?

PS: I assume the root relative path will resolve for server controls

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A tilde (~) is only recognized by the WebControl.ResolveUrl method, so you will have to invoke this method on the Page, which is a WebControl

<a href='<%=ResolveUrl("~/home/main.aspx") %>'>Home</a>
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+1 thanx for the info – deostroll Jul 21 '10 at 15:45
But I also kind of fixed this by making the Virtual Path property to /. It helped... – deostroll Jul 21 '10 at 15:47
@deo - / and ~/ refer to 2 different paths - while they may appear the same in your development environment on your server they may be different. / is the absolute root of the server whereas ~/' is the absolute root of the current application. Do you see the difference? You usually only want to use ~/. Be sure that when you use /` that you understand where it will be pointing. – Sky Sanders Jul 22 '10 at 11:55
You can also set runat="server" on an HTML control and ASP.NET will convert the ~/ to the application root. – jwadsack Mar 30 '13 at 22:34

If you use the hyperlink control you will be able to use the '~'. If you don't want to use a servercontrol I think your stuck.

'/' will take you to the root of the site on a regular link but you have to check how you have the virtual directory is set up.

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