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Goal per subject.

code snip:

 var canvas= document.getElementById('myCanvas');
 var ctx= canvas.getContext('2d');   
    canvas.width= 520;
    canvas.height= 405;
    ctx.font = "15pt Verdana";
    ctx.lineWidth = 1;

    // text 1
    ctx.fillText("me and my dog puddie", 210, 90);  
    // text 2
    ctx.fillText("you and many many crazy nuts", 210, 130); 

  // draw a quadratic bezier curved line between the these 2 text blocks
    ctx.strokeStyle = "rgb(65,60,50)";

 /* outcome:

 no line were drawn between these two text objects


 // comment:
 I have a very limited understanding of a quadratic curved line

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Change the line




and you should be good to go.

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May, I was careless! Thanks. btw, do you how to calculate for each parameters? Say, I want the x of text 1 as starting point of the curve line and the y of text 2 as ending point. – Don Don Jul 22 '10 at 2:30

You should use quadraticCurveTo for quadratic curves, bezierCurveTo is for cubic curves.

ctx.moveTo(210,100); // move to the start
ctx.quadraticCurveTo(230, 130, 160, 100); // draw quadractic curve

See Bezier and quadratic curves in the Canvas Tutorial.

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