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I am trying to open a 16 bit tiff image in my AIR app. What I have found is a baseline decoder which supports only 8 bit images. Here are my options:

  • Extend its functionality to open 16 bit images but I dont know how to do that and how trivial it is.

    Open my images as 8 bit but I need to do that automatically within Flex. Dont know how to do that either.

  • i also need to support lzw compression for tiff, so please refer me some resources so I can develop that in case it doesnt exist already.

This is kinda urgent. Hoping for some help.

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Flash Player, and therefore Flex, are limited in the supported image formats. I thought it was just gif, jpg, and png actually.

To deal with other formats, I would suggest checking out this project which made use of Alchemy to convert C code into an ActionScript SWC. tif files are listed as supported and I assume that 'tif' and 'tiff' are the same.

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ya, their thing doesnt support 16 bit tiff files but only 8 bit. Is it easy to extend the functionality to 16 bits. Any idea? –  Vineet Jul 21 '10 at 14:36
I doubt it would be easy to extend; as they converted a C library using Alchemy, an unsupported Adobe project that converts C to ActionSCript and provides no source code. You can try using the same approach they did if you have a C library that supports 16 bit tiffs. –  JeffryHouser Jul 21 '10 at 15:04

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