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How can I determine all the websites which are using a particular webhosting service? There are some services which CLAIM to give you this information, but charge a lot... markosweb.com was particularly nice, but not complete.

Help, folks?

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That's pretty much the same task as finding all people in a phone book whose phone number starts with 123. Except you don't get the whole phone book, but only have an operator whom you can ask for one number at a time.

So, in short: To get a reliable answer, get the hosting service to tell you. Legal options are probably limited to paying them enough to make the work and potential customer disappointment worth it.

But, really, why would anyone need such information? Except for utterly childish stuff like defacing as many sites as possible when finding a security hole at a hosting service, of course.

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There's a good reason to find sites that are hosted by a specific hoster: Me, I'm looking for a new hosting service and I care about their speed. So I'd like to check the speed of several sites hosted by them. I also want to know how many sites they put on a single server. This information is not readily given on most hosters websites. Sometimes they give examples of clients. But those usually won't be the cheapest/slowest. –  Ralf Apr 3 at 12:52
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Its simple to do that, you can google up whois.com or any who is provider.

The one i use is www.network-tools.com its preety good and has everything, so all you do is just add the name of the site, and it will do a lookup. You will be able to see where the person hosts it.

But if the hosting company has a firewall and has disabled to show the name you will not be able to see it.

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Actually there are lot of tools which tell you about your hosting provider, but challenge is that either we can get the complete website hosted list via hosting provider name!!

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Maybe they can help: http://trends.builtwith.com/hosting

Choose a country, then the provider. On the provider page you find a button: "View Website List"

You don't get a complete list, but for my purposes (checking site speeds and finding sample sites) it's sufficient. To find out if other sites on your hosting are affected by hacking, it would be good enough, too.

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