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    UIButton* button = (UIButton*)sender;
    BOOL buttonBool = ([button state]==selected : YES ? NO);
    [sender setSelected:buttonBool++];


this is my idea, but i cant figure out the actual state of the button calling the funktion. any button, that calls this funktion, should be toggled between default and selected-state, so that it works like a switch. i just need to have own background-graphics, else i had used a switch.

so, can anyone please correct my idea ?

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Try this way:

    UIButton* button = (UIButton*)sender;
    button.selected = !button.selected;
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oh.. that was too simple ! i think that this works, how i want it to work, thank you. i´ll try it tomorrow Message: You can accept an answer in 8 minutes so tomorrow i´m going to accept this –  nico Jul 21 '10 at 14:55
@Vladimir Thanks.It is working perfectly! –  Bhagyashree Jul 31 at 7:11
Yeah, this is the smart way of programming +1 ! –  Tomas Sykora Nov 20 at 23:30

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