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I have 2 projects. One of them contains integration tests (lets call it Project B) and the other is the main project (Project A). I configured hudson so when Project A is build, Project B will then be built. My Problem is that if Project A is successful and Project B fails, the person who broke the build does not get notified.

There is the option Send separate emails to individuals who broke the build for both projects activated, but that doesn't work.

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You are looking for the Blame Upstream Committers Plugin. Have a look at it. The description sounds like the perfect answer to your question.

Alternatively you can try to use the Clone Workspace SCM Plugin, but I think the other one is the better fit.

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Seems like what i was looking for thanks. –  kukudas Jul 22 '10 at 6:19

How do you identify who broke the build if a test fails ? You can't use the check-in ID like you can for build A, so it seems to me you'd be better off just emailing a fixed list of people if project B fails.

Alternatively, you could just combine projects A and B; then whoever checked in the changes flagged in project A will be emailed when the tests fail.

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