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I can set the back color when i am registering the class, e.g.:

wincl.hbrBackground = CreateSolidBrush(RGB(202, 238, 255));

But how would i do it to any window i have created with the CreateWindow function? like a button on my main window, i have visual styles enabled, and i can notice the windows default gray back color behind the button.

Don't tell me i have to SetWindowLong for the window procedure on allllllll my controls and intercept the WM_PAINT :(

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All the windows controls send a message to their parent to get the brush to use to fill their background. Assuming you save a copy of the brush handle somewhere, you can do the following in your WindowProc, or DialogProc, to ensure everything draws with the correct background brush.

  HDC hdc;
  HWND hwndCtl;
  POINT pt;
  hdc = (HDC)wParam;
  hwndCtl = (HWND)lParam;
  pt.x = 0;
  pt.y = 0;
  x = -pt.x;
  y = -pt.y;
  return (INT_PTR)_skinBrush;
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If you want a customized window you can create your own window class to draw that type of window. Implement a handler for wm_paint and draw whatever you want for the window. There are a lot of tutorials available.

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