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I am trying to port some code from a regular java program into the android platform. Unfortunately, a significant part of the program involves manipulating images, and java's awt was taken away from me. I am trying to replace awt.BufferedImage with a Bitmap, and was hoping that the only differences between the two classes would be their interfaces. I read some of the documentation, and it looked like that is true, but after wrapping all of the image stuff into a nice little class and testing almost-the-same code on both my development machine and an actual phone, one program works, and the other does not. So:

The encoding for color does not change- right? it is still 0xAARRGGBB- right?

The images themselves are not changed- right? When I put an image into res/drawable, it is exactly the same image. Most notably- they don't alter the resolution in any way-right?

Accessing the pixels is essentially the same-right? I essentially replaced all of my get/setRGB(x,y,RGB) with get/setPixel(x,y,color). There are no changes to the method of indexing into the grid- is there?

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Solved: when opening the image, I failed to create a BitmapFactory.Options() with inDither set to false. The BitmapFactory then failed to produce an exact copy, putting some alterations in the resulting Bitmap in order to make it more pleasing for display.

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