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I am having an issue that is anoing me. I have a very simple table (MyISAM) where i have a field "count(INT)(11)"

It's just a counter that's increment every time one product/item is viewed. The problem is that query is incrementing 2 and not 1.

Ie. Actualfield value = 10

than i run: mysql_query("update table_test set count = count+1 where id = 1");

the field count value goes to 12 and not to 11.

I thought maybe my script is runnig 2x the query, then i've done a clean file with this lines:

    $con = mysql_connect("localhot","user","pass");
    mysql_query("update table_test set count = count+1 where id = 1");

and nothing more in the file .. it still add 2 insted 1. but if i copy this query and run using Phpmyadmin it work.

Any have idea of what happening?

Thanx very much Kid regards Tarsis Florencio

This is the full code i am using:

include 'includes/constants.php'; //just db_user, db_pass and connection
include 'includes/connect.php';

//here i select the actual count value
$result = mysql_query("select count from pictures where id = 6909") or die (mysql_error()." - [select count from pictures where id = 6909]");
$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
$aux = (int)$row['viewed'] + 1; // increment
mysql_query("UPDATE pictures SET viewed = {$aux} WHERE id = 6909");

Also i've try:

mysql_query("UPDATE pictures SET viewed = viewed+1 WHERE id = 6909");

If i run the file using the query like this: UPDATE pictures SET viewed = 15 WHERE id = 6909

where i specify the value to be updated, works.

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may be 2X requests are sending from your web browser. Can you share your relative codes? –  Sadat Jul 21 '10 at 15:57
Indeed, query HAS to run twice to get this, probably a logical coding error elsewhere or a 'double' requests (check access logs for which one) –  Wrikken Jul 21 '10 at 16:07
This is what i thought, but it's a clean file that even not print any output. I just press F5 to run the line above. I've made a update to the code above, so .. this is what i am running. the file is placed on my root folde. !?!? –  Varois Jul 21 '10 at 16:13
Hi, Sorry my ignorance, but which access log sld i look? Apache access_log file? Thnax –  Varois Jul 21 '10 at 17:00

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If you are including the same query in phpMyAdmin and it is working, it is not a problem with your query, Can you share the code you are calling the query from?

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