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I am trying to figure out how I can hook up Jespa into the client generated by wsimport, so that I can hook up to a .Net service that is using windows authentication (the java client is running on Linux, so the built in ntlm authentication doesn't work). I would be grateful for any working examples.

Also, I can't change any global settings because this is just a small module of a large system.

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Hi @Grzenio, do you have solved it? –  Ignacio Ocampo Nov 15 '14 at 19:59
@IgnacioOcampo, I gave up after a while I am afraid :( –  Grzenio Nov 17 '14 at 11:01
I solved it as a single library app. But when I load it in Tomcat it does not work. –  Ignacio Ocampo Nov 17 '14 at 14:33
Hi @Grzenio I'm developing a new service to do NTLM authentication nafiux.com/wasp if I can help you please let me know –  Ignacio Ocampo Dec 11 '14 at 22:44

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