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I have seen this post mentioned there is an AutoIt3 COM version, and with it I can call AutoIt functions in Python.

I couldn't find the COM version at the AutoIt website. Is it hidden somewhere? How can I get it?

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AutoItX.dll and AutoItX3_x64.dll are included in the default installation, in a directory called "AutoItX". Check out the help file AutoItX.chm in that directory for more info.

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in windows 7 run cmd as administrator go to AutoItX.dll and execute regsvr32.exe AutoItX3.dll –  Delta Aug 17 '11 at 15:19
also run regsvr32.exe AutoItX3_x64.dll .Might be helpful. –  SteveIrwin Mar 10 '13 at 15:02

Google keeps bringing me to this question when searching how to use autoit functions in python. Thus, I'm adding the information on how to do it for future posterity's sake.

How to use Autoit COM in python:

In order to call Autoit functions from python using Autoit's COM interface, there are few prerequisites:

  1. An installation of python with the appropriate python for windows extentions (pywin32)
  2. A full installation of Autoit. (It is possible to only install the COM portion, but it is more involved than a full installation.)

In order to call autoit functions from python, add the following code:

import win32com.client
autoit = win32com.client.Dispatch("AutoItX3.Control")

You can now call autoit functions with the autoit variable.

autoit.ControlClick(WINDOW, "", "[CLASSNN:TTreeView1]", "left", 1, 53, 41)

Note that not all autoit functions are available through the COM interface. To see which functions are, see the help file on AutoItX. This help file can be found in the start menu at ("AutoIt v3" -> "AutoItX" -> "AutoItX Help File") or in the AutoIt install directory (...\AutoIt3\AutoItX\AutoItX.chm).

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