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I just want to know about clearcase. Basically i want to write some application which will extract some files from clearcase vobs. Right now i am not getting any clue that which scripting language like python or perl i should use. basically i am looking for perl scripting for that. I also want to know is there any proper document or book available for clearcase exposed api list and documentation.

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The official API is cleartool, the command line interface which contains all ClearCase commands.
You can call cleartool commands from a Perl script (like in this question)

An example of a Perl library able to call cleartool command is here.

The other scripting interface is ClearCase Automation Library (CAL).
See this question for an example of CAL script based on Perl.

Note that in any case, you will need ClearCase views (snapshot or dynamic ones) to access Vobs elements (versioned files or directories).

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